photo by Erica Peters

photo by Erica Peters

Bouncing Cars: The Movement


Upon witnessing a horrific car accident, artist Jamison Ernest became inspired to create something beautiful out of this tragedy.

My inspiration comes from a variety of things but mostly from specific events and the world surrounding me.  Late one summer evening I witnessed a horrific car wreck while driving on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn.  The accident happened right in front of me.  As I watched the car veering and flipping in front of me everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. Fascinated with art, design, science and chaos I became obsessed with the idea of recreating this still but tragic beauty of a car flipping through color, sound, time and space.

Destruction breeds creation. 

A driving force in all my work is the concept of finding beauty within destruction because we see it in all forms of humanity.  Using vibrant color combinations, hand painted details, and metallic paint, I'm bringing a more approachable image of a trajectory car in motion.



The juxtaposition of an aesthetically pleasing piece from such a tragic event represents our own trivial nature against the magnitude of the universe.

Committed to making art acceptable to everyone, the Bouncing Cars movement extends beyond the canvas.

I want my work to be accessible to everyone, not just those in the art world. Thanks to the generous support of early collectors who believe in our mission we have been able to expand on the Bouncing Cars series. What started as 7 paintings has grown to 105, along with the addition of a collection of edition prints, tee shirts, tech cases, and pins, all of which are made and produced right here in New York.  Now anyone who wants to own a piece of Bouncing Cars can.


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As in all forces in nature there’s in beauty in tragedy.